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Best Bathroom countertops Seattle Ideas For You

Bathroom countertops are a significant addition to any home. Whether stone countertops, solid surface, or any other countertop material, the surfaces can genuinely make a statement. There is no need to worry; bathroom countertops Seattle has plenty of terrific options that you can buy. 

From a new surface, accent walls, to simple decorative finishes, try these innovative, budget-friendly bathroom countertops Seattle ideas!

  1. You can never go wrong with a Laminate Countertop.

One very cheap option is laminate. This is an inexpensive alternative to solid surface and stone.  These are even available in many styles and colors. And if you desire to mimic the look of natural stone countertops, laminates can do that, too!

  1. You can go for Basic Ceramic or Glass Mosaic Tile for a clean surface.

This material is also less expensive than natural stones. It is also characterized as a water-resistant, easy-to-clean countertop surface material. 

  1. Going for a larger budget? Use Engineered Stone Countertops

If you have a bathroom remodel expert who will do your bathroom countertop renovation,  you may apply quartz countertops and natural stones to your area. The countertop will undoubtedly be durable and sophisticated.  

You may also apply granite countertops if you wish to add value to your entire bathroom. It offers an elegant and stain-resistant surface. 

Another elegant option is the marble countertops. It surely will give a dramatic veining finish and a  lovely colorations effect. 

  1. Avoid stains with Solid-Surface Countertops.

You may use acrylic-based solid-surface countertops to have a stain-resistant, easy-to-clean countertop. These are also available in dozens of colors and designs. 

  1. Go trendy with recycled glass.

The bathroom countertop surfaces are created by mixing pieces of recycled glass with cement and other binders if you want to add a DIY effect to the whole space. These countertops will absolutely look visually appealing and are easy to care for.

  1. Paint your choice!

Looking for a very inexpensive option for your bathroom countertop renovation? Use and play with paint! Nevertheless, note that this is only possible with existing solid surface countertops. And never attempt to paint over natural stone, engineered stone, tile, or wood surfaces.

Remember that the material of the countertop for your bathroom remodel greatly depends on your personal style and budget. Never compromise your end goal. And consult experts for better reference, options, and materials. It should always be the countertop that you have always dreamt of. 

Bathroom countertops Seattle Materials: Comparing Costs

Looking for the right material for your dream bathroom countertop renovation consists of several factors. Some of these factors include the quantity and specifications that you require as you make a cost list. 

Below is likely the price range of the materials you need if you are seeking to find an inexpensive and functional countertop.

Ceramic Tile

The price range is between $7 to $10 per square foot.


Price range: $25 to $70 per square foot

Cultured Marble

Price range: $45 to $200 per square foot


Price range: $32 to $75 per square foot

Cultured Granite

Price range: $40 to $80 per square foot

Butcher Block

Price range: $45 to $250 per square foot


Price range: It starts around $45 per square foot


Price range: $45 per square foot


Price range: $50 to $200 per square foot


Price range: $60 to $150 per square foot

Recycled Glass

Price range: $55 to $130 per square foot


Price range: $60 to $220 per square foot


Price range: $60 to $150 per square foot


Price range: $70 to $150 per square foot


Price range: Inexpensive; price varies.

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